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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thinking about pair work

I have been a student since I was 6 years old and still I'm a student, and I have taken many classes, done many pair work. So today, I would like to tell my experience about pair work& it didn't go well.

When pair work didn't go well, I conceivable 2 problems:one is a partner and the other is teacher doesn't instruct well.
I have taken it for a long time because in Japan, most students were arranged lengthways 2 lines, so it is easy to make and do pair work. And mostly, we made a pair a person who sit the next seat. If we change our seat, partner also change.This story is my experience.
That day was just change the seat and change my partner.When I did a pair work with student A who with sat the next seat was really really entusiastic and did it positively, so I also got enthusiastic. However changed the seat and student B who wasn't really entusiastic and did it negatively, I was discouraged. So if we do pair work,I thought that thinking a partner is important.

These days, I feel a person who try as hard as one can is made fun of another person who doesn't try. So making a partner carefully is very important for teacher and, of course student. Besides, if teacher can't instruct to student what does student do as a paor work, perhaps students get confused and feel disgusted, finally pair work doesn't do well.
Therefore it is important for teacher to arrange students that they can do pair sork well and smoothly, and also in order to do pair work well and successful, teacher should think how to explain simpley to students.


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