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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My observations about U Junior High school

On July 7th I went to U JHS and I saw Mr.Y's 1st grade class.That day's topic was "Ask a question and answer it using [what]".

First he did warm up and it's called "Dragon Input". Students read sentences independently and read again with their pair.They do this every time,so Mr.Y just instracted "Start!" and counted the time. That reminded me of Mr.M's said that making students work independently is important.So this time I could see it with my own eyes.

Next, he showed some pictures which looks strange and tried to bring out a question "what" from students.When students saw that strange pictures, they said "what?" in Japanese. so he presented today's goal using students said. Now you come to mention it, I remembered Mr.M's said that establishment of the goal of today's study is very important. Mr.Y showed it using student's remark that he brought out. So I thought that is wonderful skill.

Students formed 4groups and they divided into 9groups in order to pradtice for say and check the information each other.After they cheched it, they exchanged their informations. They seemed to report the information collectly is little bit hard. However, Mr.M said that making a rule and bearing the responsibility are important to do an activity, so I thought it is good if activity is difficult little bit.

Moreover Mr.Y presented "What is this? Quiz".He prepared many pictures, students answered what is the picture represent with their pair.However it was little bit difficult for students.

Finally, Mr.Y teached new words using textbook, and I thought teaching right pronunciation using IPA is better than teach it with Katakana, so I also want to teach it like him.But unfortunately he couldn't finish it because of time out.
Through the class, I could learn many things, for example what teacher speaks right pronunciation is important.Making students work independently is also important. Ans more than anything else, I could understand that teacher enjoy learning and teaching English him/herselves is most important again.


  • At 4:09 PM, Blogger JH said…

    I really liked your last paragraph about the importance of making students independent learners. I think that the teachers at Mr. M's junior high school do a good job with that.


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