Super Duper English Time

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Strengths & weakness as English teacher

Last week, JH gave us assigments: think strengths and weakness as Ebglish teachers. I have thought that I want to be an english teacher, but i didn't think that things. So today,I would like to think these things.

I think as English teacher is strengts itself.When I entered JHS,it was the first time to take an English class. I was deeply moved because teacher spoke in English and talked to ALT in English.Perhaps there were many students who thinks like me.
Besides, English teacher can teach and tell many things using English. If they put their mind to it they can teach and accomplish anything! For example, they can teach science in English even if we live in Japan. They can talk about Japnese culture in English. I think that thinking about Tapan using Engilsh, we can find new things that we didn't notice until now. So I think strengths as English teacher is they can use English and can do it using it.

If English teacher can't read a sentence well, maybe students doesn't want to study Ebglish from he/she. Also if teacher's pronunce is poor, they may be influenced badly.If teacher doesn't reliable and level-headed,students be influenced quickly. So I think on account of teacher, students changes. For example, if teacher uses katakana when he/she teaches about pronunciation, probably most students learn it with Katakana pronunce. If teacher teach grammar vaguely, perhaps students will be confuse about it when they learn grammar which is more difficult. Now an English teacher doesn't teach English in Japanese like in the past. So if teacher teach it using difficult words, students can't understand. So teachers has to teach it in english, that is good and weakness points comparison with other subjects.Besides, we have to remenber many things about English, so theacher tend to say "Remenber it!!" That is also weakness, I think. Of course we have to input many things, but Ebglish isn't a remenber subject. So these 2 things is weakness points.

However I think English teacher have many strengts because if they put their mind to it they can teach accomplish anythin in English!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thinking about pair work

I have been a student since I was 6 years old and still I'm a student, and I have taken many classes, done many pair work. So today, I would like to tell my experience about pair work& it didn't go well.

When pair work didn't go well, I conceivable 2 problems:one is a partner and the other is teacher doesn't instruct well.
I have taken it for a long time because in Japan, most students were arranged lengthways 2 lines, so it is easy to make and do pair work. And mostly, we made a pair a person who sit the next seat. If we change our seat, partner also change.This story is my experience.
That day was just change the seat and change my partner.When I did a pair work with student A who with sat the next seat was really really entusiastic and did it positively, so I also got enthusiastic. However changed the seat and student B who wasn't really entusiastic and did it negatively, I was discouraged. So if we do pair work,I thought that thinking a partner is important.

These days, I feel a person who try as hard as one can is made fun of another person who doesn't try. So making a partner carefully is very important for teacher and, of course student. Besides, if teacher can't instruct to student what does student do as a paor work, perhaps students get confused and feel disgusted, finally pair work doesn't do well.
Therefore it is important for teacher to arrange students that they can do pair sork well and smoothly, and also in order to do pair work well and successful, teacher should think how to explain simpley to students.

Thinking about pair work

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My observations about U Junior High school

On July 7th I went to U JHS and I saw Mr.Y's 1st grade class.That day's topic was "Ask a question and answer it using [what]".

First he did warm up and it's called "Dragon Input". Students read sentences independently and read again with their pair.They do this every time,so Mr.Y just instracted "Start!" and counted the time. That reminded me of Mr.M's said that making students work independently is important.So this time I could see it with my own eyes.

Next, he showed some pictures which looks strange and tried to bring out a question "what" from students.When students saw that strange pictures, they said "what?" in Japanese. so he presented today's goal using students said. Now you come to mention it, I remembered Mr.M's said that establishment of the goal of today's study is very important. Mr.Y showed it using student's remark that he brought out. So I thought that is wonderful skill.

Students formed 4groups and they divided into 9groups in order to pradtice for say and check the information each other.After they cheched it, they exchanged their informations. They seemed to report the information collectly is little bit hard. However, Mr.M said that making a rule and bearing the responsibility are important to do an activity, so I thought it is good if activity is difficult little bit.

Moreover Mr.Y presented "What is this? Quiz".He prepared many pictures, students answered what is the picture represent with their pair.However it was little bit difficult for students.

Finally, Mr.Y teached new words using textbook, and I thought teaching right pronunciation using IPA is better than teach it with Katakana, so I also want to teach it like him.But unfortunately he couldn't finish it because of time out.
Through the class, I could learn many things, for example what teacher speaks right pronunciation is important.Making students work independently is also important. Ans more than anything else, I could understand that teacher enjoy learning and teaching English him/herselves is most important again.