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Monday, June 19, 2006

Reflecting on my lesson

Last Thursday, our group took a lesson. We consisted on 6 members, and that topic was "learning about conversation's expressions".

First, we accepted "warm-up"and we practiced "asking other friend's name". So I and eringo presented 2 phrases "what is your name?" and "I'm~.". It was difficult to present to students because these phrases was not releited text books directly. However, we did that as a warming up excercise.

Second,we presented today's dialogue.That day was like a conversation,so we also performed and repeated again and again.That class, we emphasized practice of repeat. First we repeated together. Next, we devised the 3 line, for example the left side is Mike's part and the right side is Sarah's part, repeated.

Finally, we did a mini-game. We used real book,pen and ruler insted of changes in text book, made them practice using today's key words; Excuse me. Pardon? Thank you.-Your welcome. I think it is easy to practice.However, I felt that explain was little bit long and fast.

The good points is that we could enjoy the lesson and repeating is good. I think repeat is good and important to learn English,so we adopted many repeat prctice. Also, the game is good, I think. We could use these key words and we practicable using it.

The bad points is warm-up.Probably I was in charge of the warm-up, but I feel the contents of that warm-up wasn't related in that topic.Althogh we thought long and hard, we couldn't proposal contents which fits in today's topic. So I sould like to ask some advice.

Through the activity, I thought it is difficult in cooperate with group member, but also I thought that I would not have succeeded without my member's cooperation. so in group activity, I felt that it is important to contact such as eye contact each other.


  • At 9:52 PM, Blogger Eringo said…

    Hi, 74napochi! Thank you for your partnership in our group lesson.
    I think that warming-up should have connected with the new materials, too. It was a little bit pity that we had no good idea about it. However, the warming-up we did was good in that students could talk with other students and relax.
    And it is sure that cooperation in the group members is very important to make a good lesson. In our group, I was glad that almost all the members tell each other their opinion and talked again and again. These efforts will be essential to the success. Thanks,

  • At 10:11 AM, Blogger 74napochi said…

    Thank you for your message!I also think waem-up was difficult to connect that topic still now.However,I think it is better did that than no did it. Also, Iwas very nervous that day, but I felt very fun!! So thank you very much your good ideas and your help!!Thanks,


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