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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finding through a syntheses seminar

I have taken a synthesis seminar"Sougou-Ensyuu" since this April. From last week, Mr,JH teaches us and we talked about variious issues yesterday. We chosed issues which the earth have and talked about it. There were 12 issues ,for example "Showing your anger" and we decided whdthed we think it wroug or acceptable.

First in my group, we talkes about "A 5-year-old child sleeping in his parents' bed.". We are Japanese gave it acceptable, but Mr.Tiger gave it wrong. However I had no intention at all that I criticize Mr.Tiger. If anything I had interest that difference of he's way of thinking. I have never thought about independence of children or privacy of children. I thought 5-year-old child is just a child and he/she is still too young, so he/she is mine. But through an exchange views, I could find that there is some truth in what he says.Besides, a issue on "Arranged marriage" differencce of the way of thinking happens depends on a country.

So I was interested in that difference of thinking and I felt that is very interesting to me. Therefore I want to konw many thoughts about various issues more and more.


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