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Monday, June 12, 2006

Finding in my changing life

My life has changed since I entered the university.
First, I came to think a great deal of the ''time'', because I came to use train everyday. In here, it isn't convenient for the train and 1 or 2 trains an hour, so if I miss the train, I'm late for school!! So I think time is important.
Second, I came to find goods points of here that I live. To tel the truth, I didn't like here and this prefecture until quite recently. However, from taking a train and looking at a beautiful view everyday, I found that here is beautiful place and better than I expected. Although this place is hard to get to and almost no amusement park like Tokyo,but there are many beautiful view, delicious foods, good people. So now, I'm looking forward to seeing a beautiful view everyday.
Finally, I came to understand that friend is very important and I found it. I could find nice friends in the university. They are like-minded and they are very interesting girls. So I hold my sides with laughter almost everyday.
I noticed that friendship is the most important in my life, more important than money or love. Of course,these things are very important to live in this world, but I think now,friendship is important for me.
We went to trip sometimes.Thanks to them, I could make a nice memorials. Thanks to them, I could go my second home.
Through my changing life, I got many important things, and I still get important tnings from my changing life.

 Right now, your turn!! Please think and tell me what is things you found in your daily life??


  • At 9:46 PM, Blogger JH said…

    Maybe you are disappointed that I am the first person to reply to your post, but I understand very well what you are saying. When I take the train through Iwate I realize how beautiful it is. I really think Iwate is a special place and there is a lot to do here no matter what the season.
    A great area to live in and good friends is a wonderful combination. As a teacher, maybe you can show students what a great place Iwate is and also make a class atmosphere that is conducive to making friends. I think it is possible to enjoy your classes, make friends, learn, and enjoy the area where you live.

  • At 10:18 AM, Blogger 74napochi said…

    To JH
    I'm realy glad to receive your comment!Thank you very much!!


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