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Monday, June 12, 2006


One girl said about her dream today, so I also thought about it.

When I was a childhood, I dreamed about the future because I had many dreams what I want to be. For example, I wanted to be a pianist, flower vendor, a confectioner, ambassador of TDR, teacher, DJ of radio like Mr.FM, a trainer of dolphin, a witch like Kiki and so on. When you come to think of it,I was surprised that there were a lot of dream that I dreamed.
However, as time goes on, I think we , include me , have a tendency not to dream than before because there is the hard realities of life and we have to face the facts. It may good things, but I think our dreams become fewer surely. I think it is sad thongs! How sad!!
Human has the highest intelligence of other animals. We have a power which describe one's dreams and chase a dream. I think we shouldn't waste this power.
However when I come to think of my just dream, I can't picture in my mind aout my dream. Only I want to spend a happy life, earn a lot of money, be loved by someone, go to TDR, abroad…. I think these things are realistic in a sense, but it isn't interesting. So now I'm going to think about my dream like my childhood. Maybe the girl's word must be a warning for me.
Why dont' you think about dream this opportunity? What's your dream??


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