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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finding through a syntheses seminar

I have taken a synthesis seminar"Sougou-Ensyuu" since this April. From last week, Mr,JH teaches us and we talked about variious issues yesterday. We chosed issues which the earth have and talked about it. There were 12 issues ,for example "Showing your anger" and we decided whdthed we think it wroug or acceptable.

First in my group, we talkes about "A 5-year-old child sleeping in his parents' bed.". We are Japanese gave it acceptable, but Mr.Tiger gave it wrong. However I had no intention at all that I criticize Mr.Tiger. If anything I had interest that difference of he's way of thinking. I have never thought about independence of children or privacy of children. I thought 5-year-old child is just a child and he/she is still too young, so he/she is mine. But through an exchange views, I could find that there is some truth in what he says.Besides, a issue on "Arranged marriage" differencce of the way of thinking happens depends on a country.

So I was interested in that difference of thinking and I felt that is very interesting to me. Therefore I want to konw many thoughts about various issues more and more.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My advices about about teaching English in a Japanese junior high school

Last ETM3,we listened Mr.M's lecture. He is a junior high school's English teacher and he taught us many important things.So today, I would like to introduce some things what I learned from his lecture and to think what shoud I prepare for teaching practice in September.

First Mr.M said that a person who can greet everyone is very important.Besides, a person who can speak to everyone,can be respons in word and deed is important. It is natural thing and common sense as an adult,but I think it is difficult to show these things one's attitude actually.

Moreover,he taught us 3 important things.
1)Making a smile
He said students keeps away from a person who doesn't make a smile.I think so too. In the past, I saw a book [90% people judge someone by appearances] once, especially students do it. In my experience, I memorized that I
also judged teacher by it.When I think of it now it was very rude but I memorized that I didn't approach a teacher with a frown grimance.So when I heard it, I thought face, especually expression is very inportant for teacher.

2)A person with common sense
According to one ALT's speaking, many teacher have no common sense because they doesn't go out the school. I think it is sad and shame things. I thought teacher is a model for students and I still think it. If the model has no common sense, he/she is not qualified to teach their students. Now that give a lesson, we have to try not only improve the teaching ability skill, but also try to be a person with common sense.

3)Making efforts as well as I can
After all it is very important thing and I think so too. He said "If you make a mistake, we doesn't scoll you.If anithing but things is not making efforts." I thought that we are student teacher must succeed in teaching practice and teacher daoesn't forgive our mistake. so I was afraid to make a mistake. However when I heard his lecture, I found making a mistake is important to success. So I changed my mind!I don't have nothing to be afraid of making a mistake! BUT!! I try to make efforts as well as I can!! Now you come to mention it, I made a many mistakes until now. But I tried to make efforts, I could be succeed one way or another. [Failure teaches success.] So Let's make efforts! Don' be afraid of making a mistake!!

Finally, I would like to present to reader 2 things.
1:It is important how to make students move. Mr.M said that teacher shoudn't a lot of explain but on the other hand they have to make stuednts move. So it is important to make them do independently. That is difficult for me but I think it is very diificult to teach and educate them.

2:It is also important to have student's outlook. It helps for teacher what they have to do now. Also I think we have to have it to myself.

This time I wrote many things that I heard and I want to write. Actually, I learned a lot of things more ade more. So I'll write anothethings in my another blog.

Thank you…???

I forgot!! Finally!! Teacher doesn't have enogh time!! Accorfimg to Mr.M's lifestyle, he wakes up early, goes to school in early time, gives lessons, checks the students HW,attends club activities qnd teaches then, preparets for next class and so on! Teacher can't have time for tnem!!So I thought we have to think and praxtice hoe to use time from now!!!!!

Thank you very much!!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Reflecting on my lesson

Last Thursday, our group took a lesson. We consisted on 6 members, and that topic was "learning about conversation's expressions".

First, we accepted "warm-up"and we practiced "asking other friend's name". So I and eringo presented 2 phrases "what is your name?" and "I'm~.". It was difficult to present to students because these phrases was not releited text books directly. However, we did that as a warming up excercise.

Second,we presented today's dialogue.That day was like a conversation,so we also performed and repeated again and again.That class, we emphasized practice of repeat. First we repeated together. Next, we devised the 3 line, for example the left side is Mike's part and the right side is Sarah's part, repeated.

Finally, we did a mini-game. We used real book,pen and ruler insted of changes in text book, made them practice using today's key words; Excuse me. Pardon? Thank you.-Your welcome. I think it is easy to practice.However, I felt that explain was little bit long and fast.

The good points is that we could enjoy the lesson and repeating is good. I think repeat is good and important to learn English,so we adopted many repeat prctice. Also, the game is good, I think. We could use these key words and we practicable using it.

The bad points is warm-up.Probably I was in charge of the warm-up, but I feel the contents of that warm-up wasn't related in that topic.Althogh we thought long and hard, we couldn't proposal contents which fits in today's topic. So I sould like to ask some advice.

Through the activity, I thought it is difficult in cooperate with group member, but also I thought that I would not have succeeded without my member's cooperation. so in group activity, I felt that it is important to contact such as eye contact each other.

Monday, June 12, 2006


One girl said about her dream today, so I also thought about it.

When I was a childhood, I dreamed about the future because I had many dreams what I want to be. For example, I wanted to be a pianist, flower vendor, a confectioner, ambassador of TDR, teacher, DJ of radio like Mr.FM, a trainer of dolphin, a witch like Kiki and so on. When you come to think of it,I was surprised that there were a lot of dream that I dreamed.
However, as time goes on, I think we , include me , have a tendency not to dream than before because there is the hard realities of life and we have to face the facts. It may good things, but I think our dreams become fewer surely. I think it is sad thongs! How sad!!
Human has the highest intelligence of other animals. We have a power which describe one's dreams and chase a dream. I think we shouldn't waste this power.
However when I come to think of my just dream, I can't picture in my mind aout my dream. Only I want to spend a happy life, earn a lot of money, be loved by someone, go to TDR, abroad…. I think these things are realistic in a sense, but it isn't interesting. So now I'm going to think about my dream like my childhood. Maybe the girl's word must be a warning for me.
Why dont' you think about dream this opportunity? What's your dream??

Finding in my changing life

My life has changed since I entered the university.
First, I came to think a great deal of the ''time'', because I came to use train everyday. In here, it isn't convenient for the train and 1 or 2 trains an hour, so if I miss the train, I'm late for school!! So I think time is important.
Second, I came to find goods points of here that I live. To tel the truth, I didn't like here and this prefecture until quite recently. However, from taking a train and looking at a beautiful view everyday, I found that here is beautiful place and better than I expected. Although this place is hard to get to and almost no amusement park like Tokyo,but there are many beautiful view, delicious foods, good people. So now, I'm looking forward to seeing a beautiful view everyday.
Finally, I came to understand that friend is very important and I found it. I could find nice friends in the university. They are like-minded and they are very interesting girls. So I hold my sides with laughter almost everyday.
I noticed that friendship is the most important in my life, more important than money or love. Of course,these things are very important to live in this world, but I think now,friendship is important for me.
We went to trip sometimes.Thanks to them, I could make a nice memorials. Thanks to them, I could go my second home.
Through my changing life, I got many important things, and I still get important tnings from my changing life.

 Right now, your turn!! Please think and tell me what is things you found in your daily life??

Monday, June 05, 2006

Research Classes

I went to Diamond Junior high school on June 2nd and I saw 2 classes; 1st and 2nd grade classes.

1) what was the goal of the class?

・1st: Introducing your family and your friends
・2nd: Making a report which introduce about moai

2) What activities did the students do to accomplish the goal?

Answered the teacher's questions in English, did pairworks and practice the asking a person with he/she), had a talk, introduced their family and friends to classmates more than 3. Finally, they evaluated themselves using a handout.

Practiced the expression, wrote the introduction composition(long time), rewrited it,announced it. Finally they evaluated themselves using a handouts.

3) What was the role of the teacher in this class?

Both of teachers were the master of this class. Also, they were the master of bringing out the thinking in students.

4) From watching the teacher and students, did you receive any hints or clues as to how to have a successfil English class?

I thought that if students answer which we didn't expect, teacher doesn't deny it from begining. Perhaps it is hard to give lessons, but I think teachres should have respect to student's thinking at first. In Diamond high school, teacheres didn't deny students's answers. So I want to teach like that.