Super Duper English Time

Monday, May 08, 2006

An analysis of my language learning experience

I analyzed about my language learning experience following 6 points.

1: My most enjoyable language learning experience has been listening English and I like it very much. So I listned to western music such as The Carpenters, Peter Paul & Marie and so on. Also I learn through listening activity mainly like a NHK's radio English Program. I like it very much because the contents is interesting for me and I like the master of the program(Mr.Tooyama). Once I heard that some people doesn't like to listening English, in my case,I think little nothing of it. And now I have been listening English.

2:My least enjoyable language learning activity has been grammer rules and studing for exam. Gammer is universal and logical but I can't feel interested in it. Besides, I have an experiment that I scolded about grammer over and over so I can't enjoy learning grammer.

3:My most valuable language learning activity has been join the English club (ESS) when I was a high school student. In the activity, we spoke someting in English with members, listened the western music and gave own impressions of it, played many games, made a Englishboard and so on. We had a good time to do it and I think learn English with joy is important and valuable.

4:My least valuable language learning experience has been a class of high school. It is important to understand Englih gramatically to enter the university of choice but I can't bring myself to like it. I think there is a only scolding when we made a mistake. So in my experience, I think high school's class is least valuable.

5:In general my language learning experience has been listening and speaking. That's a shorter way to learn English. Listen&listen&listen!! Speak&speak&speak!!!

6.If I teach stuents to English, I have them listen many times and have them speak many times. To repeat the same thing, they can get the English rhythm. I think it is easy to understand English with the rhythm. It takes long time to get the rhythm, but I want stuents to do it patiently.