Super Duper English Time

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Story of how I learned English

Let me tell the story about how I learned English.

I didn't learn English from my childhood. Since I was 1st junior high school student, I learned it in my classroom. When I became 2nd JHS, one English teacher recommend that NHK English radio program is good to learn English, so I started to use it and learn English. Unexpectedly it was so interesting, I was addicted to it and learn English, and also I knew that learning Emglish is so interesting.

When I became a high school student and took a first class of English, I thought English is difficult and not so interesting for the first time. Because this class was for the University Exam Center test. There was nothing for enter university but to learn such a style, but I didn't want to forget the interests of English. So I joined English club called ''ESS'' and enjoied using, reading, listning, writing and speaking English.

And now, I have learned English. It is difficult for me to understand and express something in English. However I still like to learn English. So I'll keep it up!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Introduction

★Welocome to my blog ''Super Duper English Time''.★

Hello!! My name is napoti, I'm a student of Iwate University.
I'm belong to Junior high school's English course.

Three years have paseed since I comuted from Mi…awa to here.  These days, I get used to take a train, ride on a bicycle with wear a mask to shut pollen my noes.

I like Disney very much, so I like to go to TDR. If you interested Disney (except Winnie-the-Pooh!), let's talk about it!!

Thank you.